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Vanad KOMPAKT Laser for the fastest, as well as very economic cutting. The CNC machine Vanad KOMPAKT Laser enables extremely precise, fast and highly efficient thermal cutting of materials. Its design makes it suitable for use in small, medium-sized and large operations or for pre-production series. Thanks to minimal kerf and low heat influence of material, the highly focused laser beam allows for the common line cutting of the material. You can choose from a large number of supplementar fittings. 

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The Vanad machines enable the processing of all common available materials designed for plasma and oxy-fuel cutting. Our cutting machines are distinguished by their simple operation along with the easy and fast data preparation. They are equipped with a number of special tools and instruments designed on the basis of many years of experience by our development team for the purposes of highly demanding cutting procedures regarding the shape and accuracy. The uniqueness of our solutions provides our customers with a wide range of utilisation and subsequently with the opportunity to acquire competition advantages within the market.

Predaj páliacich strojov   | Vanad 2000a.s


Zastúpenie Vanad 2000a.s Predaj cnc laserov  | Erbos s.r.o.


Our technology provides the next generation of higher productivity, increased flexibility and confidence in high precision plasma cutting. Systems give the flexibility to increase cutting power and the assurance of superior quality, higher productivity and lower cutting costs. Plasma systems are available in 80 to 800 Amp outputs for cutting plate up to 2" (50 mm) thick. Their performance will meet or beat anyone on mild steel, and they are superior on non-ferrous metals. You never have to worry about choosing the right system. The next generation of high precision plasma cutters works the way you do — intelligently.

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All our devices are equipped with the latest powerful IGBT technology, which has long overtaken MOSFET transistor technology. This latest development guarantees a long service life, the best possible power transmission and a light and compact design.
A plasma cutter is the best tool for cutting metals. With the help of an electric arc plasma is generated, which slides through the material.
Depending on the design, the maximum cutting thickness is between 10 and 44 mm. Our devices are available with single-phase and three-phase alternating current as well as with contact and pilot ignition.


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AlfaIn  | Predaj Slovensko
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Extracting tables

In the course of the technological processes of the thermal cutting, welding, soldering, grinding of metals, etc., some harmful air develops. To prevent people from inhaling it, the employer is obliged to stop such airs from spreading and to ensure corresponding protective measures against its effects by appropriate technical means. One of the technical means for effective exhausting from an emission source is a well-designed and well-exhausted workplace. A part of such a workplace is, as a rule, an extracting table.

In the praxis of mechanical engineering extracting tables are used as a working surface for a technological operation. At the same time they are used as a collector and drain for the emissions that develop in the course of this process. The design must be adjusted to the manufacturing technology used.


The plasma thermal cutting of metals develops a huge amount of dust emissions that are harmful to human health. The only way to reduce the emissions to an acceptable level is exhausting directly at the source of pollution. In this case the method of low exhausting by means of tables equipped with material extraction features that have been designed for this purpose is used in the technical praxis. Please see (category: Extracting tables).

For the exhausting of fumes during plasma cutting filter material such as polyester or polyester PTFE are used with a membrane with an effectiveness for 99,9 %, on particles ≥ 0,2µm classified as the M category according to DIN EN 60335-2-69. The usage of material of this quality enables the filtered air to be returned to manufacturing rooms if there is min. 15% of clean air delivered to the manufacturing room.

KEMPER PlasmaFil | Filtračné patróny
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Ventilation system 

The ventilation system Air Tower is used wherever local extraction does not work or is insufficient. The CleanAirTower  is equipped with a disposable filter. It effectively protects employees and machines from fine dust. The purified air is recirculated. The device hardly creates any air turbulence, ensuring that no dust is distributed into clean areas. The CleanAirTower functions according to the displacement ventilation principle recommended by health and safety bodies.

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