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Paliaci stroj Vanad Bluester

The thermal cutting machine Vanad BLUESTER with excellent dynamic properties, presents a state-of-the-art device designed for the toughest operations. This machine is designated for processing of very large formats of metal sheets with oxy-fuel and plasma technology, including the automatic bevel cutting. The machine is equipped with the fully automatic 3D plasma head, which is ideal for the installation of the most modern and most powerful plasma systems.

The Vanad BLUESTER cutting machine can be delivered also as part of a complete cutting station with a plasma system and consumables for plasma or oxy-fuel cutting, a compressor for compressed air supply, including its treatment for cutting as well as extraction and filter system for the exhaust of smoke and fumes from the thermal cutting of materials.

Paliaci stroj Vanad Proxima


The Vanad PROXIMA CNC cutting machine is a modern, high-performance device used throughout a wide spectrum of applications for thermal cutting. The machine is suitable for oxy-fuel and plasma cutting. It is excellent in its maximum precision and efficiency. It is recommended for tough operations and very demanding customers.

The Vanad PROXIMA works perfectly on large metal sheets with multiple oxy-fuel torches attached, including manual bevelling. We deliver the machine equipped in accordance with customer-specific requirements, also with top-class supplementary devices, depending on your demands.

The Vanad PROXIMA may be delivered as part of the whole cutting station, including a plasma system and consumables etc. The Vanad PROXIMA machine will be custom-made for you and equipped according to your requirements.

Paliaci stroj Vanad Suprema



The CNC thermal cutting machine Vanad SUPREMA can be used for oxy-fuel and plasma cutting, primarily in small and middle-sized companies. It is intended for a normal two-shift operation. Several oxy-fuel torches, with the possible manual bevelling, process large metal sheets quickly and precisely. At the same time it eliminates error rate and downtime during operation.

The CNC machine Vanad SUPREMA guarantees maximum reliability, accuracy and excellent dynamics. We also provide fast, professional service.

Paliaci stroj Vanad Arena


The Vanad ARENA CNC cutting machine is an optimal solution with a simple design. It is designed mainly for medium-sized enterprises. The machine is intended for the processing of standard metal sheets and has been designed for the installation of either simple plasma or oxy-fuel technology. The machine is equipped with a touch screen with a technological keyboard.

Paliaci stroj Vanad Kompakt

The CNC thermal cutting machines Vanad KOMPAKT present a great compact solution with easy assembly and handling. Their construction enables customers to machine the most common formats of metal sheet and fully meets all requirements for a high-performance station. Thanks to its solid construction the Vanad KOMPAKT machine may be fi tted up with a modern powerful plasma system as well as oxy-fuel technology. 

Paliaci stroj Vanad Kompakt Light


The CNC thermal cutting machines Vanad  KOMPAKT Light present a great compact solution with easy assembly and handling. Their construction enables customers to machine the most common formats of metal sheet and fully meets all requirements for a high-performance station. The Vanad KOMPAKT Light is designed for the use of standard air plasma systems. It also allows for the installation of supplementary devices.

Paliaci stroj Vanad Mira


The CNC cutting machine Vanad MIRA is distinguished by its simplicity. It is an ideal solution for both smaller operations and companies starting with thermal cutting of materials. The construction of the machine is designed so that it could easily machine standard metal sheet formats. The CNC machine works perfectly with simple plasma. For cutting of thicker metal sheets, the machine is fi tted with an oxy-fuel cutting unit.

Paliaci stroj Vanad Miron


The Vanad MIRON Laser CNC cutting machine is a top-ranking device with a simple construction. Its advantage is a quick and simple installation. Thanks to an open access it can process larger or non-standard metal sheets despite its small dimensions. This machine can be fi tted with three types of thermal cutting technologies: oxy-fuel, plasma and also fi ber laser. The basic models available are MIRON with plasma or oxy-fuel technology, MIRON RotCUT for processing of tubes and profi les, and MIRON Laser.

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