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Vanad Kompakt | ERBOS s.r.o.
Precitec ProCutter_15_150mm_FCH16.png

  Features :

  • Maximum precision of cut accuracy, minimum cutting kerf

  • Rigid construction, excellent dynamic properties

  • Allows for the option of cutting with compressed air reducing the costs 

  • Cutting of highly refl ective materials

  • Long laser source lifetime

  • Fiber laser output up to 3 kW as a standard

  • High precision optical measurement of the positioning

  • Intuitive controls, minimum maintenance requirements

  • Option of using residual material

  • Remote servicing access to the machine control system – accelerated service response

  • Function enabling return to an unfi nished cutting program

  • Extensive macro library

  • Automatic suction of fumes via a system of independent sections

  • High-performance operationally stable open B&R control system

  Standard equipment  :

  • Flexible energy chains in all axes

  • Transfer of cutting data via the LAN network, Wi-Fi or USB

  • Reliable B&R control system

  • Laser marking unit

  • Capacity control of the height of the cutting head

  • Controlled piercing for longer lifetime of costumables

  • Own anti-collision head system

  • Protective filter – 1 sight glass of A4/A3 size

  • Camera for monitoring of the cutting and its display on a separate monitor

  • Manually extendable grid

  • Sectional extraction of the material table

  Optional equipment :

  • Safety light curtain around the extended grid              

  • Conveyor belt

  • Electrically controlled sliding grid

  • Two hydraulically exchangeable grids for minimisation of the preparation time 

  • Large size side windows

  • CAD/CAM software for the preparation of cutting data

  • Protective bellows on all axes

  • Cleaning of nozzle

  • Remote control

  • RotCUT device for tube and profile processing

              CATALOG SHEET - Vanad Kompakt Laser

                                                          in PDF format  here >>

Vanad Kompakt vláknový laser .JPG

Workstation Vanad Kompakt Laser

Vanad KOMPAKT Laser 1,5 x 6m, 2 x automatický, hydraulicky výsuvný rošt s výsuvom dopredu doplnený o
Vanad KOMPAKT Laser 1,5 x 3m, materiálový rošt s ručným výsuvom dopredu. Laserová hlava Precitech Li

Videos  Vanad Kompakt Laser

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