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Vanad MiraVanad Kompakt Light | Malý páliaci stroj

  Features :

  • User comfort

  • Easy to operate - touch screen PowerPanel 500 with the technological keyboard

  • Universal use - standard thickness of the cut material up to 100 mm

  • Set of macros for easier work of operating staff

  • Easy transfer of cutting data via the USB connector or LAN network

  • Minimum downtime during the operation

  • High-performance, stable in operation, user-friendly CNC system

  Standard equipment :

  • Bilateral longitudinal drive

  • B&R control system

  • Flexible energy chains

  • Precise control of the ignition and working height of the torch

  Optional equipment :


  • Laser pointer for setting of the initial torch positioning

  • CAD/CAM software for preparation of cutting data

  • Electric ignition of the oxy-fuel torch

  • IHT capacitive height control of the oxy-fuel torch

Vanad Mira katalog.webp

                            Catalog sheet - Vanad MIRA 

                                                    in PDF format is  here >>

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