KemTab Advance _odsávací stôl.jpg
KemTab Advance _odsávací stôl.jpg
KemTab Advance _odsávací stôl.jpg
KemTab Advance _odsávací stôl.jpg

KemTab Advance


KemTab HiEnd


KemTab Vibro




  • Better cut quality and less wear due to innovative design of the material support easyFRAME

  •  No external follow-up costs caused by in-house production of wear parts due to easyFRAME

  •  No cleaning or maintenance required on the material support as it can be easily replaced (easyFRAME)

  •  Energy cost savings due to low extraction volume thanks to individual control of the extraction dampers of the segment in use

  •  No mechanical influence of the cutting system in non-contact electronic-pneumatic control of the extraction dampers

  •  Time and cost savings when cleaning the table due to large slag trays and thus longer cleaning intervals

  •  Flexible table size design due to modular system (length, width)



  • Low extraction volume

  •  Standard material support or easyFRAME

  •  Large slag trays

  •  Various pneumatic control options of the extraction damper in the individual table segments

  •  Modular design

  • Extraction dampers can be controlled by various methods

  •  Various material support frames

  •  Various table widths and lengths