• Laser cutting  

  • High levels of smoke and dust

  • Plasma cutting 



  • Contamination-free dust collection due to compressed air fixation of dust collection containers

  •  Uninterrupted continuous operation due to automatic differential pressure-controlled filter cleaning

  •  Little noise emission due to a low noise level

  •  Considerable energy cost savings by using the automatic extraction volume control

  •  Convenient operation due to intelligent control via touch screen with diagnostic system

  •  Flexible integration of the control system into third-party systems such as cutting equipment due to potential-free contacts

  •  Best health protection for employees by use of KemTex® ePTFE cartridges with surface filtration


  • Automatic extraction volume control

  •  External On/Off

  •  Fleet management, remote maintenance and pre-noise maintenance using autarkic networking via mobile radio to the KEMPER cloud

  •  Spark separator – SparkTrap

  •  Weatherproof housing for outdoor installation



  • Automatic filter cleaning, pressure-controlled

  •  Control via touch screen

  •  W3/IFA certified

  •  KemTex® ePTFE filter cartridges

  •  Dust collection container with pneumatic lifting device

  •  Automatic extraction volume control (optional)


  • High levels of smoke and dust

  •  Welding and grinding shops

  •  Training centres and robotic welding lines

  •  Laser, plasma and flame cutting systems

  •  Can be installed outdoors